Balance Forward is thousands of years of strife, Total Charges at this moment amount to the pain and suffering of millions of toiling, struggling inferiors, Interest Accrued has compounded atrocity upon atrocity. You work hard for your bread and deserve all the leisure activity that you've come to expect as a chosen one. At the end of the day when you cashout your chips and walk out onto the patio you know with certainty that the smell of pool chlorine and unwashed servants soaked with sweat and expensive liquor are your right. Not a right given by any small god. A right you've taken through cunning, stealth, strategy, and ruthlessness. Nothing you have is given, all is taken. Everything from the searing of old scotch as it rolls down your throat to the sweet scream of the latest supermodel you've chained to your bed is yours. You own it. you took it. Now you know it's time. Take a Vacation. Unconstruct.