I love you tomorrow.

I hate you today.

The internet tells me how to think. The TV tells me how to act. I am ready for the war. I am alone, I am unidentified, I am under the radar. I am guided by the heads, their voices, the flashing text burned on my retinas, upside down inside out and making sad sense. I am updated hourly. My briefings are beamed to me in realtime. I know the better days always came before, the darkness looms ahead. I am in league with the all the -ists, and -iacs. I am on the fence watching a beautiful gameshow. I'm inside, I can see.

In our dreams we all fly and we all win. I'm sick of waiting for the promises. I'm sick of pills and herbs and synthetics and the numbing influence of the crawl through the hive. Inside I'm on the savannah running from the jackals. Safety is making us fat and complacent. Knowing you're reading this makes me mad. You're as weak and scared as I am, you're just not as melodramatic about it. You're as selfish, you're as thoughtless, and you're as wounded as I am. You've joined the strangers where you don't belong.

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