To: feeble simpering drones
Subject: The secret

Dear Consumer:

A fraction of the robotic workers did the NODATA Forum this weekend. It is an "ontological seminar" about surviving life free of complaints. It has modified their behavior! They even learned the secret to great sex:

Everyone is meat, use them selfishly for your own gratification.

Now, what did you make that mean?

What if life wasn't empty and meaningless and you could make everything and nothing mean whatever you wanted?

Don't think too hard about that.

PLEASE come be a captive Tuesday night from 7-10:45 p.m. at the NODATA Debtors Prison in our midwestern enclave. We are aware of the travel implications. Plebes in India migrate more than a thousand miles to attend the NODATA Forum.

You are guaranteed to fail in creating the life you want. You are already living the life that you are destined for. Accept your assignment.

It will be tons of fun to have you there.

You will arrive Tuesday or face the consequences