I've often been told that in situations of strife and confrontation that the preferable behavior is that of discipline and peaceful resolution. I've had it beaten into me that it is proper to turn the other cheek and avoid antagonizing the young man that wants to pee in your yard. That when you've been accused by several apes in a late-model GM automobile of being a male prostitute while waiting for a bus, you must avoid eye-contact. A combination of karmic belief, an early indoctrination by the catholic church, a developmental lifetime spent in public schools, and several random acts of violence have only increased the percieved need to hide and cringe from all that is loud and brash and ugly in my life. Unquestioning pavlovian flinching gets sickening after a few years. Perhaps it is my destiny as an american, we have a whole amendment just for people about to snap, I believe it's number 2. Perhaps it's time to mobilize.

It's just too hard to motivate myself. I'm over 16, way over, and I have never been to Vietnam, I just can't quite build up the pressure needed. If only Hitler had masturbated as much as I do...