While the normal brain of any intrepid crew member of the good ship NODATA varies from a nice soft wrinkled pudding to a 3 lb. raisin of powerful deathdealing information there are certain times when everything goes awry. Certain of our co-workers and associates are known to cause surprising changes when they enter close proximity. Our important spongy masses become as turgid and smooth as the Packer helmet your grandmother wears on Sundays.

This revolution has just begun. We have new directives to obey, new paths to follow, new and electric ideas to investigate. We've hit the wall of our workspace cubicile-pen, filled it up with thousands of tiny miserable shards of daily drudgery, and spilled out over into the fire hazard on the other side. We're dirty, stinking animals, and we're happy in our cages. We're the informational equivalent of veal. Tender, juicy facts and support at your fingertips. The short interludes in these numbing fields outside the box remind us not to think too much (heresy!) and that the world can end every five minutes without ruining the overall formulas. We recharge and heal mentally. We open ourselves to new options on our return to sane thought. We play the fool gratefully. We have a piece of pie.

We forget about it.